Atheistic Satanists are, quite obviously, atheists. They are prone to think of themselves as their own gods. Sometimes we theists tout that little motto too. Self-adoration is always pleasant. An atheistic, or modern, Satanist is different from an atheist in that they adhere to the moral code outlined in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible.

So, you see, most Satanists will tell you that they do not believe in the devil. Many oppose the tenets of Christianity. Satan is thought of as an emblem of power, indulgence, enjoyment, and will. In it's essence, Satan has opposed authority and that is the way life must be sometimes. We have to go with who we really are rather than what society imposes upon us. Satan did this and created an entirely new kingdom.

Theistic Satanists are deists. Most Church of the Infernal members are theistic, though there are a few modern (or LaVeyan) lurking about. Modern Satanism is typically atheistic. As the Satanist community grows we find that their are more and more blends of Satanists running around and getting into trouble.

Church of the Infernal membership isn't determined by which deity you believe in. Both myself and Grand Overmage Logan are Chaos magickians. 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted' is one motto which we at the Church of the Infernal tend to live by.

Within the theory of our church it is believed that Satan is a real entity or 'thoughtform'. We contribute to this entity and help it transmute our everyday existences. Many Christians think of Satan as a purely evil force. Not us. We love Satan and have become on quite friendly terms with him.

Christians destroyed many early religions and naturally took the gods of these religions and turned them into demons. We honour these gods and we don't draw distinctions between good and evil.

Other forms of Theistic Satanism exist, but they aren't a part of the Church of the Infernal. We worship Satan as a cornerstone for us to unite together and have a common denominator. From time to time we often praise other gods and deities. In the past we have conducted evocations of Cernunnos and quite frequently rely upon Pan. Kali is often turned to... And, then I enjoy summoning the demons mentioned in the Goetia on a regular basis. The great Lucifuge Rofocale and Prince Vasago have aided us with many great magickal workings including reuniting us with lost friends and helping me out financially.

So, Hail Satan! May we worship that great force which makes us the brutal beasts we are!


High Infernal Priestess Lydia Workman

Black Widow (single) Earring - only $12.98

A Victorian styled pewter spider's web, with black pewter spider decending on a silver thread.

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Orthodox Icon Locket Pendant - only $41.93

Photo locket in the authentic, classic style of an Eastern Orthodox Church icon, with brass hinges and fasteners. To take two 20mm x 30mm pictures.

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Ancient Egyptian Ankh Pendant - only $11.97

Pewter Egyptian Ankh pendant, symbol of life.

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Silver Marcasite Heart Locket - only $45.93

A gorgeous 925 sterling silver gothic heart locked encrusted with shimmering marcasite stones. The locket opens up to accept a photo, or a lock of hair from a loved one. The gothic fretwork construction of this fine piece of jewellery allow what is kept inside to be partially viewed whilst being worn. A truly vintage gothic look that could almost transport you back to the 18th century. This fine quality piece of gothic jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver and is hallmarked. This marcasite heart locket measures 35mm tall including the bail, 28mm wide and 12mm deep.

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Croix De Cour Noir Pendant - only $34.96

Cross of the cursed Knight of the Black Heart. Made by Alchemy from finest English pewter.

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Mircalla Choker - only $45.93

Elegantly gothic, femme fatale's pewter collar, with faceted black heart crystal. With adjustable chain and catch fastening.

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Black Agate Ribbon Heart Necklace - only $29.94

A classic Gothic look. Faceted black agate stone heart on a twin organza ribbon necklace. 41cm long and with sterling silver fastenings. The black heart measures 30mm by 30mm.

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Alchemist Studs (pair) Earrings - only $10.99

Miniture Alchemist skulls for Acolytes incognito.

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Reversed Ancient Celtic Cross - only $11.97

This is a really unusual variation on the antichrist cross. A reversal of our Celtic knotwork cross. Reversed crosses are hard to find and this one is especially rare. We've never seen it anywhere else. If you want to be extra different, try this one!

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Mircalla Bracelet - only $41.93

Beautiful, bat-form gothic bracelet in hand-polished pewter, for the inimitably manicured gothic Madame, with a faceted black heart crystal. Handcast and handmade in England from the finest English Pewter. This bangle is of medium size and can be adjusted slightly buy gently applying pressure due to the softness of pewter though care must be taken as repeated over-bending can cause the metal to fracture.

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